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I would like to apply for a stall at Kempsey Riverside Market

Held on the 1st Saturday of the Month

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Preference will be given to stall holders who make their own product

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Terms & Conditions:

Please read these conditions carefully before completing the form.

Trading Conditions

  • Stall Fees 3m x 3m $35.00  
    3m x 3m Powered site $40.00
  • Discount of $5 each site, will be given for site payments in advance.  

  • An additional $5 discount for Macleay Valley Business Chamber members. 

  • Fees MUST be paid at least one week prior to the market, unless prior arrangements have been confirmed with the market co-ordinator.
  • Only those products listed in the application are to be sold.
  • Other products may be added with prior written consent of the management.
  • The Markets run from 8:00am to 1:00pm.
  • No vehicle movements are allowed within the market site between these hours.
  • Stallholders have to be in possession of current Public Liability Insurance (minimum $10 million liability) and other required trading licences.

Copy of Certificate of Currency for Insurance Policy
must be attached to this application

Telephone Enquiries: Mobile 0456 658 979
This phone is only available
intermittently and calls will be returned .

Please email enquiries at all other times.

Certificate of Currency

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Kempsey & District Chamber of Commerce Inc reserves the right to decline any application for the event.
  2. The set up and advertising costs for the markets represent a substantial amount and the committee is therefore unable to provide compensation for inclement weather and no moneys will be refunded. If this occurs, the event organisers may need to cancel or relocate to another venue.
  3. Stallholders are not permitted to pack up before 1.00pm without permission of the event organisers.
  4. Set up will be from 6.00am and stallholders must be set up by 8.00am. All vehicles must be removed from the market site by 7.30am. Vehicles must be removed prior to setting up gazebos. If you arrive after 7.20am, you will not be permitted to take your car onto the site to assist in the setting up of your stall. Vehicles will not be permitted to remain on site during the market unless prior written approval is given. If the market site has been affected by prior rain, vehicle access to the site will be dependent on Council decision.
  5. The stallholder agrees to provide own power leads, which must be tested and tagged.
  6. All stallholders must keep their site clean and remove all rubbish from the grounds. In partnership with Kempsey Shire Council and Midwaste these markets will be a waste wise and plastic bag free event. If you need assistance sourcing 100% compostable containers, coffee cups etc, contact Gavin Hughes, Kempsey Shire Council, mobile phone 0478323765. ONLY BIODEGRADABLE PLASTIC BAGS are to be used at the markets. If you need assistance in sourcing biodegradable bags, please contact the Kempsey Riverside Market Committee on 0456 658 979. Please see below for information on Bio Degradable Plastic Bags.
  7. The stallholder agrees that any photos taken on the day of the market by official event photographers may be used for promotional purposes by event organisers.
  8. Stallholders agree to abide by any instructions issued by Kempsey & District Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc and event staff.
  9. Licences from Health Department, Agriculture, Licensing Board, Forestry etc are required for some stalls. A plate of cookies comprises a food stall and a Temporary Food Vendors Licence would be required. All food vendors must produce current permits. For further enquiries contact John Robertson at Kempsey Shire Council 65663200.
  10. Event organisers will conduct inspections of all sites and any stalls found not to meet required conditions will not be permitted to operate.
  11. Temporary structures, gazebos and marquees must comply with loads determined in accordance with Australian and New Zealand Standards. Floor area of each structure to be 3m x 3m. If gazebo or marquee is larger than this, consult with event organisers.
  12. Amplified music must be used only with the consensus of all stalls within audible range. If there are conflicting radio/tape/busking music too close together then management reserves the right to turn down which ever source that may be creating the disturbance.
  13. Inclement Weather:
    Wind: Please make sure your gazebos are appropriately secured.
    Rain: If it is raining on the day the market will still go ahead. If we have been advised by Kempsey Shire Council that the grounds are too wet to use then set up will be in the car park above the market area (where the public normally park). It will be a first in, first to set up, plan. You will be directed by the committee. There will be no site numbers.
    Please note: The set up and advertising costs for the markets represent a substantial amount and the committee is therefore unable to provide compensation for inclement weather and no moneys will be refunded.
  14. Cancellation Policy:
    There is a waiting list, so to secure your site we must receive your payment by the MONDAY before the market day, unless other arrangements have been made with the event co-ordinator. If you notify us after 5:00pm, on the Wednesday prior to the market that you are not attending, there will be a $10 cancellation and processing fee applied to your account. Please note, if you do not notify us that you are going to cancel your space, then this gives us no opportunity to re-allocate your stall, so no refund will be made.


I acknowledge that I have read & understood the terms & conditions of being a stallholder at the Kempsey Riverside Markets and accept those terms & conditions accordingly.

I Agree to the Terms and Conditions *

Details for payment of fees:
Please make payments to:
Macleay Valley Business Chamber
Coastline Credit Union
BSB: 704-189
Account Number: 00000397


Please use your invoice number or name as a reference
Or send your cheque to PO BOX 542, Kempsey NSW 2440


What Is A ‘Biodegradable Bag’?

Biodegradable bags are made from plant-based materials like corn and wheat starch rather than petroleum. Under certain conditions when oxygen is present, biological processes break these bags down into molecules such as carbon dioxide, water and methane.

How can I tell if a bag is conventional plastic, biodegradable or degradable?

It can be difficult to tell if a bag is made from conventional plastic, biodegradable materials or oxo-degradable plastic. Some bags may be labelled as ‘100% degradable and recyclable’ or ‘This bag is made of 100% biodegradable plastic’. If unsure, you can try asking your retailer or the manufacturer for information – or better still, avoid using single-use plastic bags whenever possible.


Checklist – Office Use Only

  Public Liability

  Industry Licence ..............................................................................................

  Disposable containers and packaging

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